29 Kate Brenton

Kate Brenton is back on the podcast with a bonus episode talking about all of the things. By accident we came up with a great book list for changing your life and your perception. Also be sure to check out Kate over in the land of Instagram and sign up for her FREE class! Yes. FREE! @KMBRENTON

Kate Brenton, Polynesian Lomilomi Practitioner, Ed.M., Inspired Educator, and writer of the unspoken, lives bi-coastally, sharing an aloha based perspective on living in balance: one-on-one and in workshop / retreat formats. A former East Coast public educator and corporate trainer who walked into a different world and stayed there, she now carries forward the cultural mindset of Pā Ola Hawaiʻi - to enjoy the moment at hand - as a practitioner + curious student of life's constant instruction.
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