Ep 16 Jennifer Schelter

Today I talk with Jennifer Schelter about art, life, and following that little voice inside.

About Jennifer Studying the basics of Classical Theatre/Acting, Yoga and the Alexander Technique opened a whole new door for me. I began to develop self-awareness, interrupting the pattern of low self-esteem and beating myself up. After years of battling an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, poor body image and self-hatred, I found the disciplined movement, breathing, and the focused self-study in yoga and meditation, as well as the vulnerability of writing and acting, were effective ways to connect with my genuine voice; the voice that wants me to be forgiving and to be friends with all parts of myself and to feel at home in my own skin. In my life coaching, yoga, writing, and retreats, I guide other women and men to accept and love themselves. My mission is to facilitate empowering mindful strategies in a safe space, free of judgment or expectations. My understanding of healing and internal narratives helps people find their truth, identity and creative power; to reconnect with who they are when they accept and love themselves. My experience reflects over 90,000 hours of research and professional work with close to 40,000 people, helping to enhance well-being, self-confidence, inspiration, inner-peace and strength (even when we are far from it) and the acceptance that the truth will usually piss us off, before it sets us free. Continually curious and learning how to “listen to the voice within”, “go with the flow” and tell the “Truth”, is why I do what I do.

Bonus Meditation

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