Ep 14 A Couple Wanders

Can you pack up your life and move into a van? 

This week I'm talking with Perry and Nicole O'hearn about following your bliss even if that means changing direction along the way. Perry is a fitness professional, a lifestyle architect and founder and owner of Philly Phitness in the Rittenhouse area of Philadelphia and most recently just signed a lease for a brand new gym is the Fairmount area of Philadelphia. Perry and Nicole are recently married, and they have decided to buy a van to convert into there home on wheels and will be hitting the open road Spring 2019. To say they are inspiring is an understatement. This is a great episode about how Perry got his start in the fitness industry, the struggles, and sacrifices along the way to eventually having a successful business that is enabling him and Nicole to follow there dreams and passions of travel and living a life of adventure.    Be sure to follow Perry & Nicole's adventure at A Couple Wanders on Facebook, Instagramand on their blog at   Philly Phitness 

Joseph Longo