Ep 12 Harnam

This week I'm talking with Harnam about his upcoming 5th studio album Mystic Heart, how Kundalini Yoga found him. Harnam is in the thick of a Kickstarter to help fund Mystic Heart. If you can and you feel moved please donate or share his Kickstarter to help bring this album to life. Not only will you be helping support the arts, but you will also be helping to raise the vibration on this planet. 

Kickstarter LINK 

Originally from California, Harnam’s unique creative and spiritual perspective is rooted in his powerful connection with nature. This is apparent in the authentic quality of his music where he often blends genres and pushes boundaries. His latest release, the single  “Guru Ram Das – Mystic Heart”  with producer Anthony Molina combines the sacred and secular to form a unique and powerful expression of the divine.  The full album will soon follow featuring new songs and sacred chants from the journey. His other recordings include the critically acclaimed: “A Fearless Heart”, “All Roads”, “Awakening Your Creative Fire” and “Removing Obstacles”.  He is a Kundalini Yoga teacher who tours internationally, performing and teaching at festivals and yoga studios. 

Joseph Longo