Ep 10 Gina Molinari

Gina, I discuss the process of transitioning out of the 9-5 into her new life of travel, service, and teaching. Gina shares some tips on how you can make this happen too. 

Led to yoga by back pain in 2008, Gina quickly discovered the profound benefits of seeking wellness through a mind/body/spirit approach. 

Gina is a wanderlusting Seeker. As a voracious reader, she has at least 7 awesome books started at any given time. After receiving a degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology she immediately ended up in the workforce and have now transitioned out to live a life she finds more meaningful and aligned with her higher purpose. Ultimately, her aim to inspire and empower her communities and the world to live compassionately and meaningfully.

Web - http://www.yogigigi.com

Travel http://www.expandyourcomfortzone.com/

Instagram - @expandyourcomfortzone

Joseph Longo