Ep 01 Erick Dupree

In this episode, Erick and I discuss mysticism, the Divine Feminine, taro and learning how to hone and master your skills. We also discussed Erick’s websites/blog and the books that he has authored over the years. Erick Dupree - Instagram - @_erickdupree_ Erick DuPree is a soul-centered queer writer and esoteric practitioner. His experience weaves together intersectional Goddess mysteries, ancestral dialogues, ritual immersions, and a life-long sadhana with matrifocal spirituality. An award-winning writer, editor, and public speaker; Erick is the author of several books including Weaving Moonlight: Lunar Mysteries, Meditations, and Magic for the Soul, the anthology Finding the Masculine In Goddess Spiral, and has been featured on several podcasts including Conversations with Reshape Our World. Erick’s work has been featured in New York Magazine, HuffPost, The Wild Hunt, and Patheos, where he published his column, Alone In Her Presence: A Feminist Perspective. Erick has taught nationally and has lectured at Boston University, the University of Pennsylvania, and several Unitarian Universalist congregations on the intersection of Goddess, masculinity, and spiritual feminism. His work is deeply rooted in self-discovery and earth medicine, with a magical home-base found in the lessons of the Star Goddess, teachings from Starhawk and bell hooks, and initiations in Reclaiming Collective, alongside Rajanaka philosophy, and the Hermetic Qabala. Erick completed his graduate degree in Comparative literature at Queen's University. He lives in historic Philadelphia, PA.

Joseph Longo