Q&A with Adam DeLucia


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending the day with some amazing fitness professionals and thought it would be fun to share their journey on the path to health and wellness. This week I would like to introduce you to Adam De Lucia @addystrongfitness


When did you begin your fitness journey? I first developed a passion for fitness when I was younger, around 19 years old. I feel in love with classic resistance training and how I could change and sculpt my own body like a piece of art through muscular development.  

What has been your biggest success / What has been your biggest challenge? My biggest success SO FAR has been hosting successful pop-up bootcamps in my local community. It means the world to me, that people would get out of a comfy bed on a Sunday morning to come and let me put them through a face-melting workout.


On the flip side, my biggest challenge would be organizing a bootcamp that fails. Sometimes people bail, and that’s just life. Every failure is a learning experience. If you’re not failing at something every now and then, it’s a sign that you’re not really trying anything different.


What’s your favorite healthy snack? What’s your favorite unhealthy snack? My healthy go-to snack is aStrawberry Banana Whey Protein shake blended with almond milk. My favorite unhealthy snack is a delicious Cannoli! Most likely from Termini Bros.


Do you have a morning routine, if you do would you like to share it with us? I wake up and perform neck rotations and circles. After some quick mobility I’ve been making my green shake every morning. It’s called “Athletic Greens”, an extremely great greens/multi-vitamin powder from New Zealand. Simply just shake it up with some water and ice. Then coffee. Never forget the coffee.


What has been one noticeable change in your life since you began your fitness journey?

Discovering weight lifting has dramatically changed my life. It made me faster, smarter, stronger, leaner, happier and more confident in myself. I haven't always been a fitness junkie. It's been a long journey full of numerous jobs, long hours, and many ups and downs until I finally found my true calling.

Fitness is my passion. I live and breathe it.  A little bit ago I made a decision and left my cubicle job. Let me be very blunt: cubicles suck. They are where the human soul goes to die (just my aggressive opinion).

I decided to pour my heart and soul into my fitness. I want to help YOU succeed and become the best version of yourself that's humanly possible.


What is currently your favorite song? I’m digging that “Sunflower” song by Posty!

If you teach or train where can people take class with you?

In-home personal training offered along with online workout programs and nutrition counseling.

I host pop-up bootcamps in the Horsham, Pa area! If you are interested in any of the above please email me at addystrongfitness@gmail.com.

I’m also teaching some classes at the Orange Theory Gwynedd in North Wales, PA.

What’s your Instagram and website if you have one?

Instagram: @addystrongfitness

Facebook: Facebook.com/addystrongfitness

Website/blog: addystrongfitness.com

Joseph Longo