Marko Nestorovski


This week I'm so happy to introduce you to Marko Nestorovski Personal Trainer🏋️‍♂️ and Group Class Instructor 💪 at Fit Academy. Last June I joined Fit Academy and started with Marko's classes and they totally kicked my ass in the bast way. I highly suggest giving Marko's class a try! You can thank me after.

When did you begin your fitness journey?

- Professionally  1.5 years ago, but I belonged to the gym since 16 y/o.


What has been your biggest success / What has been your biggest challenge?

My fat los Journey where 3 years ago I was able to lose over 80Lbs ,which was one of the reasons I dedicated my future career in the  Fitness Industry.


What’s your favorite healthy snack? What’s your favorite unhealthy snack?

Watermelon (cold,Summertime :)  ,  Chips (anytime)


Do you have a morning routine, if you do would you like to share it with us?

Most days start at 4 am, not much time for routine building, before I "hop" in my clothes and hit the road to the gym. Coffee and eggs, depending how sleepy I am :)


What has been one noticeable change in your life since you began your fitness journey?

Feedback and helping my clients to get closer to their fitness goals daily. I believe that when Any teacher/coach when get to point that others results and progresses makes bigger impact on their own life than personal goals, that is a GREAT coach.


What is currently your favorite song?

Khalid - Better

If you teach or train where can people take class with you?

Fit Academy  1363 N 31st st,Philadelphia


What’s your Instagram and website if you have one?


Joseph Longo