Path to Health with Kyle


When did you begin your yoga / fitness journey?

A. I've played sports my whole life (soccer, basketball, track) so i've always been fairly active and in shape for that reason. In college I studied exercise science so I started to get more insight into the body and all the benefits that come from exercise. I had a couple of friends in the bodybuilding/powerlifting world so being competitive with them drove me to start lifting heavy consistently. I've always considered myself an athlete so my goal was always to work with them in a performance setting. A few years later, a couple of certifications under my belt and soon to be two college degrees and I'm in the city of brotherly love training with some of the best.


What has been your biggest success / What has been your biggest challenge?

A. My biggest success so far has probably been obtaining my CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) certification. It's considered by many the gold standard in terms of performance training and I'm super hype to finally have it.


My biggest challenge was this past school year trying to juggle school work, 2 separate internships and also training so I can have some money for myself. I graduate with my Master's in Sport/Performance psychology in May so it'll all be worth it in the end.

What’s your favorite healthy snack? What’s your favorite unhealthy snack?

A. My favorite healthy snack would probably be the little Halo mandarin oranges, I always have a bag in my fridge.


My unhealthy snack of choice would be Toll House chocolate chip cookies (10-12 minutes in the oven and you're in heaven)

Do you have a morning routine, if you do would you like to share it with us?

What has been one noticeable change in your life since you began your yoga / fitness journey?

A. Nutrition!! I love my cheat meals as much as anyone but I've noticed how important nutrition is. Reading about it in class can only do so much but actually tinkering with it in real life gives you that realization. I've had days where I wanted to go super heavy but my body just couldn't do what I was expecting it too, I'd think to my eating the day before and say "wow I did't get enough carbs in yesterday" and it would click as to why In couldn't perform on the level I wanted.


What is currently your favorite song?

A. My favorite song at the moment changes by the week. But at the moment 21 savage ft. J Cole "A lot" is heavy in my rotation.

If you teach or train where can people take class with you?

I'm currently training/teaching at Fit Academy at our Rittenhouse location! 1923 Chestnut st.

What’s your Instagram and website if you have one?

Instagram: @Kpthestar ; no website as of yet but stay tuned

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