Day 29 of 30 with Amy Angelo

Welcome to Day 29 today I'm talking with Amy Angelo. Amy and I went the route of conscious uncoupling before it was the cool way to divorce. But, seriously Amy and I were married for a couple of years in the early 2000's and if it wasn't for Amy I would not be the man I am today. So I thought it was important to have a conversation with Amy for 30 days because of the impact she had on my life, and because she came up in so many of the 30 day conversations. 

This is by far the most emotional conversation that I had over the 30 Days. I opted to leave in a couple of uncomfortable pauses, and some tears because it's real and important for people to see. I joke about conscious uncoupling but it is truly what we did, and it why we are still connected and share a love for each other. The marriage may not have worked but, we worked really hard on ourselves so we would be able to not only love ourselves love each other as well. 

Enjoy the conversation and a little walk down memory lane with Amy.

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Joseph Longo