Day 14 with Emma Kate Keller


Welcome to Day 14 of 30 Days of Inspiration 

Happy Summer and welcome to Day 14 of 30 Days of inspiration today I'm talking with Emma Kate Keller about jumping right into yoga training, opening a studio, and creating yoga programs for kids, and tweens. Enjoy the conversation and have a sweet Summer!

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About Emma
Emma Kate Keller 500HR RYT, ChildLight Yoga Trained and CHHC. has never felt as confident in any aspect of her life as she does when her feet meet her Yoga Mat and practice begins. Introduced to Yoga in college she saw the many benefits for a person dealing with past pain and the ebbs and flows of young adult life. It was not until she stepped into her first Ashtanga class in 2015 that she fell in love, just a short year later she made the decision to start her 200 hour training to learn how to help others find the joy that she did from such a wonderful practice. 

Emma has opened her own small studio space in Newfoundland , PA, Light Holder Yoga and Wellness. Bringing Yoga and community into the small but beautiful rural town. She has also expanded her training by being trained by ChildLight Yoga ( currently working toward being certified ( will be complete February 2018)) and plans on continuing on with more ChildLight trainings this upcoming year.

Emma true passion is helping people young and old find balance , release negative energy and get to know their true selves with the use of Yoga, mindfulness and wellness practices. 

You can find Emma teaching and Light Holder Yoga and Wellness, teaching Kids workshops/ parties at Boundless and substituting classes throughout the year.

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