Don't be Chucker!


A week with Chuck

Do What You Can't!

A week with Chuck. 

Some people have asked, "what is the week with Chuck and is Converse sending you product or paying you"? 

Converse is not paying me for any of this, and they are not sending me any product. They can... I'm open to receive and photograph anything they send my way. But, this all came about because I was feeling very uninspired with the way I was managing my Instagram feed. Just like Facebook, Instagram has a funky algorithm that no one really understands. So, I've been experimenting with a couple of different ways of managing my IG Feed. A month ago I had the idea of sharing a series of images three at a time. The idea was to give my feed more of a consistent look and feel. I totally understand the concept, but I was not having fun.


I have noticed a slight jump in followers. But I've also noticed that my followers will fluctuate +/- 30 followers overnight. That's a whole other topic maybe for a later blog. Anyway back to Mr. Chuck.  

image (3).png

I took an Instagram training with Lewis Howes as I was drifting off  as he told us over and over again that he has the best podcast in the world and is an NY Times Best Selling author I started scrolling on Insta and stumbled on @the_next_gentalman


Bang the idea of a week with Mr. Chuck came to be. I noticed that Anthony Mastracci from @the_next_gentalman was following this rule of keeping his feed constant, creative,fresh and unique. I then noticed that some of the IG influencers that I'm following are all doing the same thing and having fun with it. 

Without giving it a moment the thought of a personal project jumped into my head
A Week With Mr. Chuck Taylor. Below are some of the images from the first day of shooting. 


The rules...
1. Do one photo shoot per day from 3/2/18 - 3/9/18 <----- That's my Birthday! 
2. Chuck Taylors must be in every photo, all photos must be self-portraits, and only people wearing Chucks can be in the photos.
3. Share multiple images on IG /FB/ per day every day.
4. Create 4 blog posts and 4 videos throughout the week with Mr. Chuck Tayor. 
5. Be silly, be creative, and have fun! 
6. Don't give a fuck about what anyone thinks or how many likes or views the images receive. 
7. Openly expect no expectations. 
8. Try to inspire and uplift the viewer. 

Feel free to come follow along at @joelongophotography and be sure to watch the IG stories #weekwithchuck 

Converse send me an email at for my shipping address. 
Thanks again enjoy the week with Mr. Chuck. 

And! DM me any ideas you havve for a photo you'd like to see me create with Mr Chuck. 



Joseph Longo