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Yoga Scapes

A Celebration of the Human Form 2019 Calendar

Yoga Scapes is an exploration of the nude form through asana. Our focus is to celebrate beauty by breaking stigmas about sexuality, and capturing nudity in a creative way. The models are dressed with nothing but light, using their bodies as a canvas, creating shapes in their chosen asana.

 The 2019 Yoga Scapes Yogis!

The 2019 Yoga Scapes Yogis!

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We desired to push the creativity edge and our own relationships with the nude form, removing it from the idea of sexuality. We were inspired by body landscape fine art photography, and celebrating it through the eyes of yoga asanas.  One can see the timeless condition of what it means to be human, seeing the beauty in all shapes and ages of bodies.

We are so thankful for all the model’s featured in the calendar and their collaborations.  Due to the nature of the calendar, some of our Models requested to remain anonymous.  Special thanks to Charme and Michael for editing and layout. 

Joe Longo and Team

Get your copy today $20.00